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8-in-1 Lock

Vanamatic Feature

Lost or stolen keys?  Eliminate access immediately with this quick change feature.  Click to learn more!

No matter what locking system you use, the  integrity of the system is only as good as the control of your keys.

Do you really want to rely on “Do Not Duplicate” to control your keys?

Click below to learn more about how Van Lock can help control your keys.

Cam Locks for a wide range of security applications

High Security Cam Locks

Our cam locks are used in applications ranging from gaming devices to gun lockers to drug cabinets.  

Our flat faced design with steel insert, or optional hardened steel face, offer the highest levels of security.  Cam locks are designed to fit the standard 3/4” double-d punch-out and come in a variety of lengths.  Hundreds of cams are available (custom cam available) or use an adapter with existing cams.

L1 Lengths Available……


   7/8”…. LC

1-1/8”…. ELC


*Specify degree and direction of turn

Click here for product data sheet

The unique key makes our cam locks the perfect choice where strict key control is absolutely essential.

Made in the USA

Unique & registered codes

Flat-faced design

Optional Vanamatic Feature

It’s all about KEY CONTROL!

Vanamatic Key Control